Becoming a member
The Membership of this Church is composed of persons who have been saved and baptized by immersion upon their Profession of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ or by letter, by statement, or by restoration and who subscribe to the Covenant and Constitution of this Church. A candidate for membership shall be presented and received by affirmation of those members in attendance upon presentation. Everyone asking for membership shall appear in person before the church, unless, in the judgment of the Pastor and the Chairman of the Deacons, he or she is providentially hindered at the time his or her name is presented.
Members of other Baptist churches may be received into the fellowship of the church in accordance with the “by letter” process and upon presentation of letters of dismissal and recommendation from their respective churches. Persons who have been members of Baptist churches of like faith and order, and due to peculiar circumstances have no letters of dismissal and it is impossible to obtain such letters, may be received into fellowship of the church by giving satisfactory evidence of Christian character and former church membership.
Transferring membership
A letter of dismissal may be granted by mail to any other church of like faith and order. Such a letter may not be granted to the individual to be carried by him to the other church except by recommendation of the Deacons and by vote of the church.
A request for a letter from another church may be granted by the Pastor and the Church Clerk. It may be granted to another church of like faith and order without the vote of the church. Notice of the removal of the name of such members will be read to the church in conference.
Any member who joins another church body of any faith (as verified by church letter, said member or officer/secretary of the other church body) shall be automatically dismissed from the fellowship of this church. The member will also be removed from the Sunday School roll unless requesting otherwise.
Terminating membership
Any member of the church willfully absenting himself from the meetings of the church, or habitually refusing to contribute when able to the support of the church, or showing himself lacking interest and kindly feeling for the church, shall be regarded as offending the covenant and is liable to having their membership ended.
The government of this church shall be congregational in nature, and the final authority for the operation and management of the affairs of this corporation, spiritual and temporal, shall be vested in the membership of the corporation, which authority shall be exercised in the manner set forth in the Constitution. Members alone, acting as set forth in the Constitution, shall have the authority to adopt and amend the Constitution, elect officers, approve budgets, receive members, and generally govern and conduct the affairs of the corporation.
This church is an independent, autonomous church with full and final authority to determine solely within itself all matters related to the life of this church including but not limited to its financial affairs, affiliations, ownership and uses of property, and pastoral leadership.
Every member of the church is entitled to vote at all elections and on all questions submitted to the church in conference, provided the member is present or provision has been made for absentee balloting.
Every member of the church is eligible for consideration by the membership as a candidate for elective offices in the church within the restrictions of the constitution and bylaws.
The election of members to all places of service within the church shall be in accordance with the Constitution of the Church found HERE.