Soles For Jesus exists to provide new and gently used shoes to the people of Africa who desperately need them. Many of us are unaware that millions of people across our globe live barefoot lives.
Diseases often spread through the open sores on their feet because of the unsanitary conditions of their roads and paths. A pair of new or gently used shoes is a simple cure to prevent many of these diseases.
Gift Options:
$2 to ship a pair of shoes to Africa.
$50 to ship 25 pairs of shoes to Africa.


Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded in 1942 with the goal of providing the Cakchiquel people of Guatemala with the Scriptures in their own heart language. Since that time, Wycliffe has partnered to translate the Scriptures in over 700 languages. Currently, 350 million people in the world do not have God’s Word available to them in their own heart language.
Gift Options:
$40: Deaf Christians in Romania receive very little discipleship and have difficulty feeling at home in the church because they lack Scriptures in a language they understand. Your gift will help finish translating a set of 32 Bible stories into Romanian Sign Language. The sign language videos will be distributed in multiple ways to give the Deaf Romanian church a panorama of God’s story in Scripture!
$5 Since the Good News was shared in their language, the Fuliiru people of Democratic Republic of the Congo have responded with life changes! Idols were demolished, crime went down and church attendance grew. The people experienced a spiritual and cultural transformation. Now the Fuliiru are waiting for their Bible so the people can continue to grow spiritually, and the church can continue its goal to help bring every Fuliiru person into a relationship with Jesus Christ. You can put a Bible into the hands of the Fuliiru!


Serve The Poorest Of The Poor: After planting a church in a village, we work specifically with the local pastor to address the physical and economic needs faced by the people in his region. Many villagers, especially those from the lower-castes, are extremely poor, and most have little or no opportunity for advancement. As a result, villages remain in a cycle of poverty. We help church leaders reach out with care and the compassion of Christ while also meeting practical needs with things like clean water wells, nutritious food, literacy and skills trainings, and so much more.
We put resources and training into the hands of faithful pastors and have found that empowering these pastors creates a ministry that spans far beyond a temporary lift out of difficulty. IGL pastors are equipped, trained, and resourced to be able to meet needs with accountability and a person-to-person approach.
$25 School Supplies: Most children in rural India do not have access to quality education, let along the supplies they need for school. At IGL’s schools children have access to both. Your gift can help provide a young mind with the tools he or she needs to take the fullest advantage of the education offered by IGL.
$1 Children’s Gospel Clubs (CGCs): $5 sends 5 village children to a Children’s Gospel Club, a unique opportunity to reach the least-reached people groups on earth with the message of Christ! Clubs launch in the summer with VBS-style discipleship, and they carry forward for a whole year of weekly meetings. For just $1 per child, you can make this possible, not just for one week—but for one year!


Plant with Purpose was created in 1984 to bring a holistic approach to the fight against poverty in the Third World.  They believe that restoring relationships between people, God and the environment is key to resolving many of the world’s social, economic and environmental problems.  They believe that God has called us to be agents of encouragement and empowerment, enabling the poor to both feed their families and restore their degraded lands thereby being good stewards of God’s creation.
Gift Options: 
$30 to build a wood saving stove.  Wood saving stoves decrease deforestation and the rise of smoke-related death and illness.  Plant With Purpose works with communities to build wood-saving stoves that require 50-60% less wood.
$1 to buy a tree.  Trees are life.  They bring productivity to the land so that poor, rural farmers can provide food for their children and income for their families.  Trees not only provide a source of food, but also stabilize the soil to prevent massive erosion due to deforestation.
$10 for a Clutch of Five Chicks:   Chickens and their eggs give families a sustainable supply of nutrition and income.  These chickens will supply a continual source of eggs to eat for protein and to sell in the market-a literal nest egg for a family.  Chickens also provide pest control and fertilizer for vegetable gardens.


Baptist Global Response (BGR) is a disaster relief and community development organization with a heart for helping people in desperate need. BGR undergirds the work of Southern Baptists worldwide and partners with others who are like-minded.
Gift Options: $10 Seeds: By providing starter seeds and training in gardening, you can transform families like Azra’s. Her husband is a fisherman and barely makes enough to feed their three children. Since receiving a kit of starter seeds, Azra has grown local and better varieties of vegetables to provide vital nutrition for her family and additional income by selling some of her produce.
$3 for 10 Fish: You can help a family grow fish in a small pond or tank—just like Bakti does. He received fish hatchlings that now supplement his family’s diet. Ten fish grow and reproduce rapidly, and they’re inexpensive to keep.
$10 A Safe Place For A Day: Shelters are provided for children and women rescued from human trafficking—or at risk of being trafficked. Kareena escaped to one of these shelters after being sold to different people and kept against her will. Now she’s healing from the abuse and dreams of becoming a teacher. You can help more trafficking victims find hope and restoration. 
$25 Water Filter: In some places, people drink contaminated water that makes them sick. Water filters and basic education about how to sterilize pots and cook off the ground can save many lives. With one water filter, you can supply clean water for a family of five to six people for a year.
$20 Personal Care Kit:  Most refugees and disaster survivors lose everything.  To them, basic hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoo are priceless.  These items help people maintain their health and dignity in desperate situations. 
$3.50 Feed A Hungry Child For A Week:  Thousands of children in schools, orphanages, refugee families, and impoverished communities are underfed and risk malnutrition.  Andrew is one such child and is almost always hungry.  You can provide a hot, nutritious meal five times a week to children like him.
$20 Infant Formula:  In areas affected by war or disaster, many nursing mothers are severely malnourished and can’t produce enough milk to feed their babies.  Other infants have been orphaned or abandoned.  These children need infant formula to survive.
$10 Blanket:  Many refugees battle to survive cold winters, with children and the elderly most at risk.  Warm blankets are critical for keeping people alive in subzero temperatures when they have no access to heating.

$10 Tarp: Immediately after a disaster, finding temporary shelter is a top priority. Often the structures left standing are not safe, and it takes months to build temporary housing. Simple tarps protect survivors from the weather and give them places to sleep when they have nowhere else to go.


Honduras is consistently listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world.  While the homicide rate dropped in 2017 to its lowest in a decade, it still came in at 42.8 homicides per 100,000 residents.  A large contributor to these senseless murders is the systemic poverty that is linked to Honduras being a key transit point in the global drug trade.   These have been factors in creating the current migration crisis that has captured our national attention.   Truly, Honduras is a nation that desperately needs to experience hope found in Jesus Christ.
Gift Options:  $25 for baby care packages.  Very often, children are born without necessary supplies to insure a healthy start to life.  A baby care package would provide basic supplies such as wipes, diapers, and onesies to provide hope to young families and a solid start to life for these children. 


Six years ago, Hope for  Appalachia began taking small plastic shoe boxes, now called Hope Boxes, filled with gifts to use to share the Gospel with Appalachian school children. Approximately1,000 children in eastern Kentucky heard of the enduring hope of Jesus Christ that year. Each subsequent year has resulted in new schools being added to the outreach which now covers a dozen counties in Kentucky and West Virginia.
Easter 2019 promises to be the largest outreach yet with over 25,000 students reached with the Gospel.
Gift Options: $20 to purchase one Hope Box for a student in Appalachia this Easter.


   Fire and Light Community Church continues to reach out to the residents of NW Baltimore and Reisterstown with the light of the Gospel. One of the largest ministries is to the youth and children of their community. Any hope of change in Baltimore’s culture will begin with reaching the next generation for Christ.
Gift Option: A gift in any amount to purchase children’s ministry supplies, including craft supplies, snacks, recreation equipment, and paperback Bibles.


Graffiti Church in East Baltimore, MD is on the frontlines of the fight against evil and injustice in our world.   They are located in one of the most impoverished areas of Baltimore with some of the highest rates of homelessness, drug abuse, and violence in the city.  There are estimated to be over 2600 homeless people on Baltimore’s streets on any given night.  The city has experienced 247 murders this year at the time of printing.  Pastor Charlie Brown is the pastor of Graffiti Church.  They are a ray of hope in a city that only knows hopelessness and despair.
Gift Options:   A gift card of any amount to purchase food used at the end of the month bus stop ministry.  The end of the month is a time when most families food resources have been exhausted and the need is most great.  The average cost for this ministry is $500 a month.  
$20 to purchase one male and one female winter survival hospitality bag for the homeless.  Each bag contains a pair of socks, toboggan, gloves, and toiletry items. 


Chicago ranks as one of the most transitory locations in America.  Many Chicago residents, after a few years, move to other parts of the nation and become immediate missionaries.  South Loop is where many of these go out from and so it is pivotal to reaching the nation for Christ. Operation Open Door: Purpose:  Gain access to the people who live in the mid-rise and high-rise condo and apartment buildings in the South Loop in order to cultivate relationships for Gospel opportunities. Strategy:  Develop relationships with Doormen and Property Managers of the 170 mid-rise and high-rise buildings in the South Loop. Need:  170 restaurant gift cards for $15-$25 each Operation Gratitude Purpose:  Cultivate health relationships with the police officers of the 1st District of the Chicago Police Department, whose office is in our neighborhood. Strategy:  Continue ongoing efforts to say, “Thank You,” in a variety of ways to the 350 officers of the 1st District.

Need:  350 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Stan’s Donut gift cards for $5 each.