For over 70 years Grove Park Baptist Church has been on the mission to share, serve, and grow-in the message of Jesus Christ. We have been called by The Great Commission to “GO, and make disciples of all nations.” Walking alongside of people from all walks of life we have established community relationships, outreach opportunities, and training for the purpose of making Christ known.
We know that God designed us for fellowship. We were never intended to go through this life alone. At Grove Park we not only encourage outgoing mission and service, but we also understand the purpose of shepherding people exactly where they are. We base this on Galatians 6:2 in which we are called to “bear one another’s burdens.” We know the importance of people from similar walks-of-life being able to pray, discuss, and encouraging each other; however, we also value mentoring others and walk side-by-side through the brokenness of the world around us. Our GROUPS are essentially a place where people who want to meet, pray, study, or just hang out, can do so. For more information on how to be a part of these various groups, or volunteer with youth and children please email or call 336.227.2910.

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Gifts of Hope: Alternative Christmas Market

How Does This Work?
C.S. Lewis once asked “Can it really be my duty to buy and receive masses of junk every winter?” Some may find his question harsh, but we all lament that Christmas has morphed into an ungodly materialist celebration rather than one centered on Christ’s birth. The sad reality is that the Good News of the angels is now good news about where to find the best bargains.  We want to take Christmas back from the commercialism through our Alternative Christmas Market. We propose to replace one of your gifts to a friend or family member with one of the options contained within. We will supply you with a card explaining the nature of your gift and you will not only have given one gift, but two.  Herein is the beauty of the Alternative Christmas Market, your gift also helps to bring hope and love to someone in need here at home, in some other part of our nation and even our world.  Please complete an order form either on the Grove Park website or pick up and  return a form at Sunday worship to choose your gifts. Once your order form has been submitted, you can either pick up your cards or we will mail them to you, if requested. It should also be noted that your purchases are considered tax-deductible.  So, how about it? Are you tired of the message of Christmas being replaced with a lesson on materialism? Come join us then at the Alternative Christmas Market.
– Pastor Marc Sanders
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