Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded in 1942 with the goal of providing the Cakchiquel people of Guatemala with the Scriptures in their own heart language. Since that time, Wycliffe has partnered to translate the Scriptures in over 700 languages. Currently, 350 million people in the world do not have God’s Word available to them in their own heart language.
Gift Options:
$40: Deaf Christians in Romania receive very little discipleship and have difficulty feeling at home in the church because they lack Scriptures in a language they understand. Your gift will help finish translating a set of 32 Bible stories into Romanian Sign Language. The sign language videos will be distributed in multiple ways to give the Deaf Romanian church a panorama of God’s story in Scripture!
$5 Since the Good News was shared in their language, the Fuliiru people of Democratic Republic of the Congo have responded with life changes! Idols were demolished, crime went down and church attendance grew. The people experienced a spiritual and cultural transformation. Now the Fuliiru are waiting for their Bible so the people can continue to grow spiritually, and the church can continue its goal to help bring every Fuliiru person into a relationship with Jesus Christ. You can put a Bible into the hands of the Fuliiru!