Plant with Purpose was created in 1984 to bring a holistic approach to the fight against poverty in the Third World.  They believe that restoring relationships between people, God and the environment is key to resolving many of the world’s social, economic and environmental problems.  They believe that God has called us to be agents of encouragement and empowerment, enabling the poor to both feed their families and restore their degraded lands thereby being good stewards of God’s creation.
Gift Options: 
$30 to build a wood saving stove.  Wood saving stoves decrease deforestation and the rise of smoke-related death and illness.  Plant With Purpose works with communities to build wood-saving stoves that require 50-60% less wood.
$1 to buy a tree.  Trees are life.  They bring productivity to the land so that poor, rural farmers can provide food for their children and income for their families.  Trees not only provide a source of food, but also stabilize the soil to prevent massive erosion due to deforestation.
$10 for a Clutch of Five Chicks:   Chickens and their eggs give families a sustainable supply of nutrition and income.  These chickens will supply a continual source of eggs to eat for protein and to sell in the market-a literal nest egg for a family.  Chickens also provide pest control and fertilizer for vegetable gardens.