Graffiti Church in East Baltimore, MD is on the frontlines of the fight against evil and injustice in our world.   They are located in one of the most impoverished areas of Baltimore with some of the highest rates of homelessness, drug abuse, and violence in the city.  There are estimated to be over 2600 homeless people on Baltimore‚Äôs streets on any given night.  The city has experienced 247 murders this year at the time of printing.  Pastor Charlie Brown is the pastor of Graffiti Church.  They are a ray of hope in a city that only knows hopelessness and despair.
Gift Options:   A gift card of any amount to purchase food used at the end of the month bus stop ministry.  The end of the month is a time when most families food resources have been exhausted and the need is most great.  The average cost for this ministry is $500 a month.  
$20 to purchase one male and one female winter survival hospitality bag for the homeless.  Each bag contains a pair of socks, toboggan, gloves, and toiletry items.