(Grove Park Alliance for Learning & Service)   It is hard to imagine, but there are children in our neighborhood who instead of worrying about what toy to play with or how to work on their batting stance must fret about where their next meal may come from. Indeed, 1 out of 5 children suffer from hunger in our nation. Studies repeatedly have shown that food insecure children are more likely to have lower academic success, score lower on standardized tests, be the source of classroom behavior issues, and suffer from greater instances of being ill. It is not hard then to draw links between how food insecurity affects the growth and stability of all children in the classroom.
   Grove Park Baptist Church is at the forefront of the battle to end childhood hunger at Grove Park Elementary School through our GPALS program. We currently provide 15 children enough food each weekend for them and their families. By doing so, we fulfill the example of Jesus to feed the hungry and care for children.
Gift Options: $7 provides a child with a weekend’s worth of food the Grove Park GPALS program.