Baptist Global Response (BGR) is a disaster relief and community development organization with a heart for helping people in desperate need. BGR undergirds the work of Southern Baptists worldwide and partners with others who are like-minded.
Gift Options: $10 Seeds: By providing starter seeds and training in gardening, you can transform families like Azra’s. Her husband is a fisherman and barely makes enough to feed their three children. Since receiving a kit of starter seeds, Azra has grown local and better varieties of vegetables to provide vital nutrition for her family and additional income by selling some of her produce.
$3 for 10 Fish: You can help a family grow fish in a small pond or tank—just like Bakti does. He received fish hatchlings that now supplement his family’s diet. Ten fish grow and reproduce rapidly, and they’re inexpensive to keep.
$10 A Safe Place For A Day: Shelters are provided for children and women rescued from human trafficking—or at risk of being trafficked. Kareena escaped to one of these shelters after being sold to different people and kept against her will. Now she’s healing from the abuse and dreams of becoming a teacher. You can help more trafficking victims find hope and restoration. 
$25 Water Filter: In some places, people drink contaminated water that makes them sick. Water filters and basic education about how to sterilize pots and cook off the ground can save many lives. With one water filter, you can supply clean water for a family of five to six people for a year.
$20 Personal Care Kit:  Most refugees and disaster survivors lose everything.  To them, basic hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoo are priceless.  These items help people maintain their health and dignity in desperate situations. 
$3.50 Feed A Hungry Child For A Week:  Thousands of children in schools, orphanages, refugee families, and impoverished communities are underfed and risk malnutrition.  Andrew is one such child and is almost always hungry.  You can provide a hot, nutritious meal five times a week to children like him.
$20 Infant Formula:  In areas affected by war or disaster, many nursing mothers are severely malnourished and can’t produce enough milk to feed their babies.  Other infants have been orphaned or abandoned.  These children need infant formula to survive.
$10 Blanket:  Many refugees battle to survive cold winters, with children and the elderly most at risk.  Warm blankets are critical for keeping people alive in subzero temperatures when they have no access to heating.

$10 Tarp: Immediately after a disaster, finding temporary shelter is a top priority. Often the structures left standing are not safe, and it takes months to build temporary housing. Simple tarps protect survivors from the weather and give them places to sleep when they have nowhere else to go.