Chicago ranks as one of the most transitory locations in America.  Many Chicago residents, after a few years, move to other parts of the nation and become immediate missionaries.  South Loop is where many of these go out from and so it is pivotal to reaching the nation for Christ. Operation Open Door: Purpose:  Gain access to the people who live in the mid-rise and high-rise condo and apartment buildings in the South Loop in order to cultivate relationships for Gospel opportunities. Strategy:  Develop relationships with Doormen and Property Managers of the 170 mid-rise and high-rise buildings in the South Loop. Need:  170 restaurant gift cards for $15-$25 each Operation Gratitude Purpose:  Cultivate health relationships with the police officers of the 1st District of the Chicago Police Department, whose office is in our neighborhood. Strategy:  Continue ongoing efforts to say, “Thank You,” in a variety of ways to the 350 officers of the 1st District.

Need:  350 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Stan’s Donut gift cards for $5 each.