Thoughts From The Journey

   I discovered recently while attending Chatham Central High School’s commencement exercises that I had lost my wedding ring. It was a hot day and we had parked far from the football field where the exercises were taking place. Scarlett had held my hand the length of our walk and I suspected she had inadvertently worked my ring off with her ever occurring spinning and dancing. Eliza and I searched diligently for the ring to no avail and even sought out others with more technical equipment to aid in our search. I put a message on Facebook concerning my loss. Friends shared it and still there was no sign of my ring. We reached the conclusion that, given the expanse of our search area and the amount of traffic that had traversed it at graduation, my wedding ring was impossibly lost.
   Then a miracle happened! Eliza was pulling clothes out of the hamper to wash, when she noticed something had fallen out of the cuff of the pants I had worn to graduation. There on the floor was my wedding ring. We found it amusing that it was literally right under our noses the whole time.
   My experience reminds me of how a lot of Christ followers treat their faith. We search diligently for what God wants us to do when most of the time it is right under our nose. We think that God is far off when He is right there with us. We find a task too impossible to ever achieve and give up when all God desires us to do is rest in Him and see Him work. Imagine what would happen if we looked at our faith, our calling, our love of God with fresh eyes instead of eyes dulled by the impossible. I think we would find ourselves invigorated and ready to charge ahead into what God is calling us to do. I confess that I have acquired a fresh appreciation for my wedding ring since I thought I had lost it forever. I feel it’s weight on my finger much like I did when I first started wearing it nine years ago. Let us resolve to feel afresh the weight of God in our lives that our worship and service to Him be greater than it has ever been.